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September 2, 2012
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Right now I'm at my parent's house... sorting through old photos; completely nostalgiac (& just a tad freaked out) about turning 29.
I'm sure many of you much more mature adults are rolling your eyes... but hey. Cut a girl some slack.  Try to remember when you turned 29... weren't you just a LITTLE bothered?  Coming in on a number so close to 30? Don't lie.
Ask anyone who is close to me how this past month has gone & they will roll THEIR eyes. Here's a little dialogue:
Self: "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!!!!"
Whomever: "WHAT'S THE MATTER!?!?!?!"
Self: "I'm turning 29. Ughhhhhh. And not even an INKLING closer to being married OR a New York Times Best-Selling Author."
Whomever: "Holly Strother. You're not dead yet."
Self: LOL... Except I actually laughed-out-loud ;)
I really love some of these pictures I'm finding.  Wow.  I was really thin, kind of ridiculous, with terrible terrible hair in high school & college.  Oh, and let us NOT forget the 'boy-cuts' Donya Strother forced on me ALL through childhood - thanks again, Mom. And going back even further, I'm finding a VERY little Holly, with HUGE eyes and a bright smile... even on operating tables or struggling to stand up with my 'push'... or rolling walker.

Amazing.  What an amazing life I  have led.  What amazing memories I have made.  What amazing people I have known.  What an amazing struggle I have been gifted with.
I say gift, because I see this little girl who knew how to turn every head in a room just by walking through the door.  I see this.  And even today, walking into the Corner Bakery after church I am CERTAIN I caught a few stares shifting.

What a gift.  To be able to do that by just breathing.  By just walking.  By just trying to be like everyone else... but I'm not. And I'm glad.

And tomorrow, I will still be that girl.  Until the day I die... I will still be a girl who commands attention in every room.  I only hope I continue to have huge eyes & a bright smile.  I only hope I continue to walk in this with dignity & grace... always crediting the one who strengthens me to do so.
So ok, maybe I am still single.  Maybe I am still a social worker, only writing because I love to & only published by a humble website designed by Gene Strother... and only receiving reviews from those who love me most.
The truth is, I am lucky to be loved & I am thankful to be me.
But the truest thing I know after 29 years: Christ is the love of my life & ultimately he is the one I write for.

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