Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Beauty, But a Funny Girl

All-time FAVORITE movie:
Disney's "Beauty and The Beast"...  & yes, that's me sporting serious devotion.
Every little girl finds that one princess to relate to. Mine happens to be Belle, or rather, her tale.
I love every thing about this character.  I love her beauty, intelligence & adventure-seeking heart.
In the first scene, you watch her stroll through a small french-town, talking (actually singing) about how she longs for more than what is offered.
All the while, those surrounding gather & voice a more judgmental opinion:
Look there she goes, the girl is strange but special. A most peculiar mademoiselle.
It's a pity & a sin, she doesn't quite fit in. 
'Cause she really is a funny girl, a beauty but a funny girl, she really is a funny girl that Belle.
A beauty, but a funny girl.
When I stroll, I often bury my head & heart in things too. However, like Belle, I am at the same time FULLY aware of surrounding discussions.
Many people (primarily small children & some adults if they were honest) whisper about my own strangeness: 4 foot; crutches; outward pointing feet w/ odd contraptions; curved back.
You know how men will give pretty ladies a double-take? Well, I often endure 'triple takes' & not just from men.
Take one: notice my presence.
Take two: notice my body.
Take three: notice my face.
For those brave enough to get to Take 3 - I usually have prepared a small speech with my eyes & smile.
I'm sure you're thinking, Holly must relate to Belle because of these things.  That's not exactly it. She is NOT the only character I relate to in this story. Remember, there's also a Beast. A prince trapped in a frightening body. A man who scares people just by his outward appearance & presence.
Story of my life.
But most importantly, I relate to the underlying truths & hardships one endures when they are a little strange or peculiar... be it, a beauty or a beast.... or both in my case.
I relate to the difficult effort of resisting judgement. I relate to the heartaches of loneliness & to the deep fear that no one will love this beast of a body.
But mostly, I find HOPE in that TRUE beauty beats all beasts.


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  1. This seriously needs to be read by everyone in the world. :)
    The world would be a so much better place if people stopped judging, stopped staring, and started building people up rather than tearing them down. You are making a difference! Your words are making a difference. Keep sharing your beautiful heart!